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Radiohead en Paris 10 junio 2008 - Fotos por Laurence Boisnard

'In Rainbows',número uno en UK 
RADIOHEAD - In Rainbows (Disc 2) por Juan Gallardo Comentario
Los maravillosos colores del arco iris
por Juan Gallardo - IndyRock # 

AMNESIAC, letras, datos
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Hail to the thief , LETRAS EN ESPAÑOL

Daydream Festival en Barcelona Fotos directo +"Off Computer" /12 /6 /08
Radiohead en el Foro del Sol / México
Crónica de un concierto muy esperado Por Alejandra Hidalgo
Radiohead en Río de Janeiro / Brasil
Radiohead abre el Quilmes / Argentina
28,000 personas ven a Radiohead en Chile
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Radiohead * Amnesiac
AMNESIAC: LA SOMBRA DE KID A ES ALARGADA, comentario de Juan Gallardo

AMNESIAC * LETRAS en español LYRICS / letrasAmnesiac

2001, junio, 4- 5 (Europe.USA) *  May 23rd (Japan)

01. packt like sardines in a crushd tin box *
02. pyramid song 
03. pulk/pull revolving doors
04. you and whose army? 05. i might be wrong
06. knives out
07. amnesiac/morning bell 08. dollars & cents 
09. hunting bears
10. like spinning plates
11. life in a glass house

Promo cover: Primer single / Pyramid Song 'UK (CD1/CD2)
Canada, Australia y Japan (solo un CD) el 21 de mayo. 
USA  'I Might Be Wrong' 

'I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings' out on November 13, 01
"True Love Waits" ademas de versiones en directo de "The National Anthem," "I Might Be Wrong," "Morning Bell," "Like Spinning Plates," "Idioteque," "Everything In Its Right Place," "Dollars and Cents" 
- True Love Waits : Oslo 
- National Anthem, Everything in its right place : Vaison-la-romaine
- Like Spining Plates : Berlin 
- Morning Bell, I might be wrong, Dollars and Cents, Idioteque : Oxford.

New Radiohead Single 
Knives Out will be released on 6 August. 2001
The tracklistings 
CD1 (CDFHEIS45103) Knives Out Cuttooth Life In A Glasshouse
CD2 (CDFHEIT45103) Knives Out Worrywort Fog 
12" (12FHEIT45103) Knives Out Cuttooth Life In A Glasshouse 
RADIOHEAD "Amnesiac" Cd
Por J. E. Gómez - IndyRock
Thom Yorke vuelve a su mundo interior, sus obsesiones y pasea por el borde del infierno. "Amnesiac" es, sin duda, la continuación de Kid-A (se graba con las canciones ya compuestas para Kid-A) pero no se trata de una segunda parte, sino de la culminación de una idea, de una forma de ver el principio del milenio, de un viaje por caminos paranormales. Radiohead vuelve a hacer que la música entre en un territorio de contrastes. Del Tibet a New Orleans, del nacimiento a la muerte, del rock al house. Amnesiac necesita tiempo, escuchas, atención. Las obras maestras nunca han sido fáciles. Yorke va más allá del límite de la realidad.
UK # 1  (segunda semana numero 7)
Canada  #1
Finland #1
Ireland # 1
Israel # 1 
Norwegian # 1 
Austria # 1
New Zealand #1 
France #2
USA  #2
Australian #2 
Germany #2 
Spain  # 13
 Tiene "Amnesiac", en cambio, un tono más sutil y un guión más estructurado ("Knives Out"). Su impacto formal, menor; su latido interior, su hondura emocional, por el contrario, más sugerente y armónica ("Life In A Glasshouse" les acerca al jazz, por ejemplo).
Radiohead vuelven a pervertir las formas con electrónica de desván ("Like Spinning Plates" o "Pull Pulk Revolving Doors" en la estela del catálogo WARP), guitarras polvorientas ("Hunting Bears") y pianos desencajados ("You And Whose Army?" cerca de Alpha y Boards Of Canada), pero esta vez el resultado difiere de "Kid A" en su accesibilidad. Las melodías, los juegos vocales de Thom Yorke (más presentes e intensos), el formato de canción, las atmósferas y las composiciones, en un plano general, acercan al grupo a una denominación más pop ("Knives Out", insisto, es el único vestigio de su pasado). Pero aun así cabe olvidarse, como se había llegado a rumorear, de un retorno a la esencia de "The Bends" o "Ok Computer". Nada que ver. El principal logro de "Amnesiac" estriba en la capacidad de la banda por oxigenar su discurso desde una perspectiva menos extrema, menos obvia, más luminosa y terrenal. Un chispazo de radicalidad lanzado desde la superficie que lega la sensación de haber asistido a la obra más subliminal, perturbadora y admirable de Radiohead. Autor: David Broc 
AMNESIAC Radiohead Canada Jam Music
"Amnesiac" is, if anything, a bolder rejection of the conventions and expectations of the modern music business and the modern rock band. It's an album spiked with wacked-out rhythmic patterns (and if drummer Phil Selway is handling the programming, he deserves special honor), distorted voices, inaudible lyrics, unsettling or non-existent melodies, and cut-and-paste digital song construction. 
Despite seemingly handicapping themselves with an alien (and alienating) approach to music-making, Radiohead has still managed to produce some indelible music. The sinister propulsion of "Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box" discharges a hypnotic effect. "You And Whose Army" brilliantly uses a defeated delivery to convey the song's contrasting anti-authoritarian bravado. The mid-section of "Dollars & Cents" builds to a thrilling crescendo, and "Pyramid Song" -- with it's haunted melody and jazzy undertow -- may be both the unlikeliest song you1ll ever hear in radio rotation, and the best song the group has released. 
RATING: 4 (out of 5) 
Rolling Stone
Amnesiac saves Yorke's sweetest croon and its most luminous, Beatlesque melody (complete with a "Hey Jude" buildup) for "You and Whose Army?," the honeyed sneer of a band that intends to hold the world at bay. So far, so good; true to the better impulses of progressive rock, Radiohead turn most of their self-indulgences into advances.
Radiohead were fascinated by trapdoors when they recorded Kid A and Amnesiac, ready to fall into unknown possibilities. "Trapdoors that open, I spiral down," Yorke sang on Kid A's "In Limbo," while Amnesiac's "Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors," considers "trapdoors that you can't come back from." With Amnesiac, Radiohead tumble further away from their old reflexes. The next album will tell whether the trapdoor has shut behind them. 
Pyramid Song' saldra en UK (CD1/CD2)
Pyramid Song new single 21 May (Parlophone) Radiohead release "Pyramid Song" and new songs "Fast Track", "The Amazing Sounds of Orgy", "Trans-Atlantic Drawl" and "Kinetic", "Pyramid Song" is accompanied by a stunning animation by Shynola, who did some of the Kid A blips. "'Thom Yorke sent us a very disjointed couple of paragraphs about a dream he'd had about lights in the sky and a load of survivors floating in an aircraft carrier after an unknown disaster or event and we took our inspiration from that,' explains Shynola's Jason Groves. 'It was quite evocative, and it sort of set the mood for the whole promo.'"
"Life In A Glasshouse" features legendary jazz trumpeter, Humphrey Lyttleton who joined them in a London studio following a letter from guitarist Jonny Greenwood to one of his personal heroes.
Extra Radiohead tracks due May 22. EMI Music Canada announced the three tracks to be included on the first single from the band's upcoming "Amnesiac" album are "The Amazing Sound Of Orgy," "Trans-Atlantic Drawl", and "Kinetic."
The single is due in stores May 22. "Amnesiac" is set to arrive in stores June 5. (Jam)
Canada, Australia y Japan (solo un CD) el 21 de mayo.Contendra tres temas nuevos
Para acompañar el lanzamiento del single se han realizado dos videos de 'Pyramid Song', uno por Chris Bran and the Vapour Brothers y el otro por Shynola (que ya habian realizado algunos de los blips de Kid A). El primero de los videos se emitira en los canales de Tv normales y el otro en los de Tv alternativos. En USA saldra el single 'I Might Be Wrong' y se podra oir en las radios a partir del 1 de mayo
Radiohead's new album, Amnesiac, is the second and final selection of songs from the same sessions as Kid A. The sessions were recorded over the last 18 months. Many of the songs from Amnesiac have already been debuted live on the band's 'Tent Tour' last Autumn.

POSTED BY Thom ON FEBRUARY 28, 2001 AT 17:11:45:
IN REPLY TO: THOM - 10 songs then? POSTED BY poll ON FEBRUARY 28, 2001 AT 17:05:51:
let me check
1. packt like sardines in a crushd tin box
2. pyramid song
3.pulk/pull revolving doors
4.you and whose army?
5.i m ight be wrong
6.knives out
7.morning bell/amnesiac
8.dollars and cents 
9.hi=unting bears 
10.like spinn 
11.life ina glass
oops i missed knives out
yes11 sorry. bye 
Thom Yorke posted the track listing immediately after someone on the site's message board asked when it was coming. The singer also posted a few other tidbits of info about the album: "We are also finishing things that could be B-sides ." And, when asked about the track "Morning Bell/Amnesiac" (note, "Morning Bell" also appears on Kid A), Yorke said that version of the song was "barely recognizable, sounds like 'tales of the unexpected.'" 
EMI : Le premier single de Amnesiac sera "Pyramid Song" qui sortira le 15 ou 22 mai. Le deuxième single devrait être "Knives Out" et il sortira fin juillet. Les passages en radio de Pyramid Song commenceront à partir du 11 avril.
In-demand English producer Nigel Godrich isn't resting on the laurels of his producer of the year Grammy nomination for his work on Radiohead's acclaimed album "Kid A" (Capitol). Godrich tells Billboard.com that he's nearly put the finishing touches on Radiohead's next opus, "Amnesiac," which is due June 4 internationally. 
When asked to confirm reports that "Amnesiac" will return Radiohead to its more familiar sound after the highly experimental "Kid A," Godrich says with a laugh, "We'll see about that, I'm not so sure. Some of that may be wishful thinking. Half of it is probably more what people might expect to hear, but the other half, I don't really know how to describe it." 
Why´s it called Amnesiac ?
"It´s about ... the things you forget. And remembering."
What´s the overall sound?
"If you look at the artwork for Kid A...well, that´s looking at the fire from afar. Amnesiac is the sound of what it feels like to be standing in the fire"
(Thom Yorke- The Big issue, jan 2001)
Amnesiac sort en France le 4 juin et Radiohead participera à une émission de la chaîne de télévision française Canal+ : "concert privé".
Music fans confused by RADIOHEAD's 'experimental' 'Kid A' album listen up: you haven't heard anything yet. 
Recent speculation has suggested that the quintet's forthcoming 'Amnesiac' album will have more of a song-based, radio friendly format than its predecessor, but the band's Thom Yorke begs to differ. 
In an interview with the Big Issue magazine, Yorke noted: "If 'Kid A' is difficult then God help us!" 
Talking about the new album, due for release in June, the diminutive frontman reveals that 'Amnesiac' contains "vocals sung through egg-boxes", while one particular sound is likened to "a fighter bomber colliding." 
The artwork for the album is being made on a "broken photocopier", and in considering the overall direction of the music Yorke said: "If you look at the artwork for 'Kid A'...well, that's looking at the fire from afar. 'Amnesiac' is the sound of what it feels like to be standing in the fire." 
Speaking of 'Kid A', the frontman suggests that there was no anti-commercial conspiracy and that the band were merely avoiding "creative stagnation." Yorke also downplays the idea that the band had spurned guitars for electronica saying, "There were really old instruments all over the album." 
Yorke concludes by saying "I think people have forgotten how to listen to music." (Music365)
THOM YORKE has given the strongest indication yet that 'KID A' and forthcoming album 'AMNESIAC' contain similar musical themes, saying the new record is "the sound of what it feels like to be standing in the fire". 
Speaking in an interview in the current issue of the Big Issue in the UK, Yorke maintained 'Amnesiac' has been finished "for six months", and when deciding which album to release, that or 'Kid A', it was simply "a question of which gun to fire first". 
Speaking about the inspiration behind 'Amnesiac', he said: "It's about, the things you forget. And remembering...if you look at the artwork for 'Kid A', well that's the fire from afar. 'Amnesiac' is the sound of what it feels like to be standing in the fire." 
Elsewhere in the interview, Yorke claims the record features "vocals sung through egg boxes", and the artwork is being made with "a broken photocopier". 
'Amnesiac' is likely to be released in June. 
POSTED BY Thom ON JANUARY 10, 2001 AT 14:50:10:
: i don't know them
im with you LA rock hair.
its a pretty shit turn out for three years. and june is a long time to wait. i suppose some of the reasons are
1. we need time to finish artwork 2. we need time to produce film work that goees with it. 3. we are really proud of amnesiac and we want to give it a fair chance within the giant sarcy cogs of the bullshit machine. this means oiling greasy palms in clever manner. this will take a minimum of 4 months to do effectively.apparently. and who knows maybe youll hear it earlier..
if you are saying that we did fucka ll for three years i guess in a way your right. its something like 2 minutes of music a month that ended up on both records. which is a joke. it is something that we had to do and thats that.
however personally speaking a lot of other shit needed to be sorted out which was nobodys busniness but ours. we couldnt stay in the same place and moving on was difficult and stuff but necessary and involved a lot of heartache. im happy that it happened at all quite honestly and i know we did exactly what we had to do.
be warned it aint gonna be like this from now on. and the alternative was nothing again ever if you know what i mean so take it or leave it. sorry if we did not supply your demand.
Po Pad sera la cancion que abra el nuevo album 'Amnesiac' y una version de 'Living in a Glass House', con la colaboracion de Humphrey Lyttleton . Tambien estaran incluidos 'Pyramid Song', 'Knives Out', 'Dollars and Cents', 'I Might Be Wrong' y 'You and Whose Army?'. El album saldra en junio del 2001y estara precedido por un single
Canciones aun no grabadas
 I Will, Keep the Wolf From the Door,
Alligators In New York Sewers
 Nude (aka Big Ideas [Don't Get Any])
Follow Me Around
I Promise
Man-o-war(Big Boots)
last flowers till the hospital/ Cogs
neil young*9 (Bombers)
up the ladder, 
c-minor song ,

"The track listing is always the hardest part for me. It is so difficult and almost painful. I can only use the old metaphor about songs being like children. My songs are my kids and some of them stay with me. Some others I have to send out, out to the war. It might sound stupid and it might even sound naive, but that's just the way it is. I talked to Bjork about it and she agrees. She says she feels exactly the same way about her songs. "
'HEAD FOR SUMMER RADIOHEAD's new album 'AMNESIAC' is now likely to be released in June 2001 and the band will release singles to accompany the record, according to guitarist ED O'BRIEN. 
O'Brien did an interview on the Australian Radio network Triple J yesterday (December 19), speaking about the band's year and their plans for 2001. In the course of the interview, he revealed that, as previously predicted, 'Amnesiac' will contain some material recorded during the sessions for last album 'Kid A', which was not used. According to the unofficial Radiohead website www.followmearound.com, O'Brien compared the record to Radiohead's second album 'The Bends', saying that the "the mood is not constant like 'OK Computer' or 'Kid A'." A UK spokesperson for Radiohead could not confirm any details to NME.COM, claiming nothing had been officially decided. NME
There will be singles and video clips. - 'Amnesiac' does contain songs recorded in the 'Kid A' sessions, but the band doesn't like to express it that way; they prefer the notion that they are new songs because people start to think of them as 'outtakes', which they are not. - 'Pyramid Song' (aka 'Egyptian Song') is on the album.." He was very excited about the new LP and said that it will most definitely be a surprise to people.
AMNESIAC es el titulo del nuevo trabajo de Radiohead, el quinto album en su carrera que saldra en abril del 2001 y que contendra algunos de los temas que ya han estrenado durante la gira de Kid A y otros completamente nuevos. El anuncio del titulo y fecha lo hicieron durante una grabacion para la BBC Radio 1 durante la cual ellos fueron los djs invitados. En cuanto a giras, no habra nada nuevo hasta el proximo verano.
Thom Yorke has said about the forthcoming album: "It goes off in two ways. One is like broken machinery, the other is really fat and dark." 

Rock & folk : Sur quoi travaillez-vous actuellement ? On parle d'un nouvel album, s'intitulera-t-il " Kid B " ?
Ed : Oui, un nouveau Radiohead sortira début 2001. Il y a moins d'une demi-heure, nous venons de tomber d'accord sur l'ordre des titres. C'est un projet extraordinairement exitant, et totalement différent de " kid A " Paradoxe : la plupart des titres proviennent des mêmes séances et on dirait la musique d'un autre groupe. La grande discussion portait sur le séquençage. L'ordre des titres va définir l'atmosphère de l'album, l'image qu'il projette. Nous sommes donc là tous les cinq, tournicotant dans notre studio, fouinant, tordant certaines idées, inventant des méthodes d'approches inédites, etc. Pour revenir à la question, non, ce disque ne s'intitulera pas " Kid B ". Nous n'avons toujours pas de titre, mais " Kid B " est totalement hors de question.
R&f : Y aura-t-il un retour à la guitare sur ce disque ?
Ed : Il y aura des guitares, absolument. Ce disque (longue hésitation) sera plus classique dans la structure des chansons. Sur " Kid A ", les chansons ne ressemblaient à rien. Sur celui-là, on retrouvera d'une certaine façon, la patte de l'ancien Radiohead. Nous venons d'écouter le premier titre. Apparement il n'y a pas de guitare. Si on écoute bien, on en découvre une. Alors que dire ? Nous ne sommes pas un groupe de rock classique mais nous continuons à explorer. 
Radiohead Treats Ahead According to bassist Ed O`Brien, the next Radiohead album is virtually complete, with a release date set for April or May 2001. "We've got to sort it out," O?Brien is quoted as saying at NME.com. "But we're very happy about it, really excited." 
The band?s fifth album, which is yet to be titled, apparently includes some material recorded during the Kid A sessions, as well as some completely new songs. (Q magazine)
POSTED BY Thom ON NOVEMBER 14, 2000 AT 18:36:45: IN REPLY TO: THOM ! please POSTED BY lost-child ON NOVEMBER 14, 2000 AT 18:32:07:
: what is the tracklisting of LP5 ?
if i knew i would tell you. 
all the ones from live are on it. 
and some others. 
New Radiohead Album Due In Spring 
Radiohead will release a new studio album in March or April and tease it with a pre-release single, bassist Colin Greenwood confirmed to U.K. music magazine NME. The set will include some songs put to tape during the sessions for the recent "Kid A" album as well as tracks that are brand new, Greenwood said.
"(We're) keeping it going, y'know, not [to] be like a boring rock band and do an album every two years," Greenwood said of the usually slow-working band's sudden jolt of inspiration. The new album will come on the heels of "Kid A," which debuted at No. 1 on both the U.K. album chart and The Billboard 200 in October, far surpassing the band's previous chart achievements in the U.S. 
Radiohead has no plans to tour in support of either album until next summer. The U.K. band ventured across the Atlantic last month for hastily organized shows in New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Album cut "Optimistic" continues to perform well at radio, and is No. 12 in its ninth week on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart.(Billboard)
RADIOHEAD FOR NEW EP. Ed O'Brien, who was speaking to Steve Lamacq after an exclusive braodcast of the band's Warrington show on Radio 1. 

"We've done that to ourselves, "said O'Brien. "If you record 24 songs, and some of the songs you play live are off the next record, it's inevitable people are going to talk about the next album. We've got that one over and done with, and it's on to the next one. I think we're on a bit of a roll at the moment. Others may disagree." 
Kid A's conception Radiohead birth a new album
"I'm very pleased with this album," said affable drummer Phil Selway yesterday morning on the phone from the band's home town of Oxford, England. "I think it's a nice, balanced album, because we've been able to select 10 tracks that went best with each other. 
"There's not this sense that you get on OK Computer or The Bends that we're trying to cram too many ideas on there." 
He feels the very experimental KID A represents possibilities for the future. 
"It was saying, 'Okay, we're starting again,' but we need to find our starting points. KID A, and what will be released next year, in whatever form, are those starting points." 
Yes, you heard that right. Another new Radiohead album within the year.
Selway said the group recorded a total of 23 songs during the KID A sessions with OK Computer producer Nigel Godrich. "If we can find a way of linking the tracks together, then I should imagine it will be an album," he said. "If not, it could be EPs." But they'd prefer to release it as an album. ....
The only other North American concert date is on Oct. 19 at L.A.'s Greek Theatre, although Radiohead will appear Oct. 14 on Saturday Night Live. "We are playing two songs," said Selway about the SNL appearance. "Initially, we tried to do two parts of one song (National Anthem) but, surprisingly, nobody went for that. I can't understand why," he adds with a chuckle. 

Instead, Radiohead will perform a "probably shortened version" of National Anthem and Idioteque -- two of KID A's most avant-garde and "out there" tracks. (By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun)
PARIS-30-06-00, pictures

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